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Are you interested in more information about the Czech Republic Alumni programme for international alumni, who have studied in the Czech Republic? Read on!

The Czech Republic Alumni programme is a national programme aimed at international alumni, who have studied at a Czech higher education institution. The programme's aim is to foster a relationship between the Czech Republic and its international alumni in order to support the internationalization of Czech higher education, strengthen the image of the Czech Republic abroad, mediate job opportunities and connections between international alumni and Czech public and private sector. 

Increasing cooperation with international alumni in the Czech Republic is one of the priority tasks of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research in the field of promotion of Czech universities abroad. The result of the program will be an offer of online and offline services and events for graduates, which will connect them and allow closer contact with Czech organizations, whether Czech universities, the Czech National Agency for International Education, Czech diplomatic missions, Czech Centres and other state institutions or the private sector.


The programme is intended for all foreigners who have studied at Czech higher education institution, who identify themselves not only with their former institution but also with the country and culture, without limiting the length of study. Students and graduates of the following programmes will be able to participate:

Due to the goals of the programme, the participation of Czech expatriates abroad will also be possible.

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Main partners of the programme

The programme has been established by the Czech National Agency for International Education in accordance with the approved Concept of Unified Presentation of the Czech Republic Abroad and is developed in connection with the role of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the inter-ministerial goal of building the image of our country under the brand "Czech Republic: The Country For The Future"

The programme is supported by Czech higher education institutionsMinistry of Education, Youth and SportsMinistry of Foreign AffairsCzech diplomatic missionsCzech Centres, Ministry of Industry and TradeCzechInvest, student and professional associations and possibly also the private sector.


The Czech Republic Alumni programme is preparing to offer a unique variety of online and offline services to create an opportunity for our members to:

  1. Connect with each other – Join the community
  2. Engage with our partners – Be part of our events
  3. Inspire prospective students – Share your story and accomplishments
  4. Keep in touch with us – Sign up for our newsletter

To find out more details about the planned activities and how to join our programme, visit the alumni wall of fame and registration page.

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