The Student World - Autumn Fairs 2021

13 October – 23 November 2021

Our Study in the Czech Republic team will be present at the below-mentioned fairs, so come and visit our booth!

Looking to study abroad? Check for yourself why it's a good idea to study in another country. But you don't know where? At the student fair, we will show you why the Czech Republic is a smart choice! We will, of course, answer anything you are curious about regarding studying and living in the Czech Republic. 

The Student World Virtual Fair
is an online event that takes place in an easy-to-use platform, where you can find institutions based on your preferences filtered by their location, programs offered, and more.

Students wishing to attend a Virtual Student Fair anywhere in the world are required to register online. The Student World uses a unique algorithm to filter these registrations and determine each student’s means, resources, and intentions to study abroad. Typically, between 30% and 40% of registering students demonstrate the profile required, and are accepted to attend. 


UPCOMING VIRTUAL FAIRS where you can find us
Turkey, Russia and Central Asia October 13, 2021
Latin America November 23, 2021