Expat Centers and Organizations Helping Foreigners


You can find the list of Organizations helping foreigners here



Capital city: Prague

Prague Expat Centre

Address: Jungmannova 35/29, Prague 1

Telephone: +420 236 003 437

Email: expat@praha.eu

Services: information center, individual consultations on stay in Prague, recommendations of proven service providers, events. The services of the Expat Centre are provided free of charge.

Target group:  foreigners in highly qualified professions who are already working and living in Prague or who are planning to settle down here, international students.

South Moravian Region

Brno Expat Centre

Address: Orlí 3, Brno

Telephone: +420 530 332 123

Services: individual consultation and advice to expats on a variety of daily living issues: interpreting and assistance during meetings with authorities and service providers; networking events, including seminars and leisure activities.

Target group: highly-skilled foreign professional living or planning to live in Brno, international students.

Moravian Silesian Region

Ostrava Expat Centre

Address: Českobratrská 1888/14, Ostrava

Email: info@ostravaexpat.eu

Services: free public information service (contacts to institutions, orientation in resources and contractors’ offers as well as networking especially for skilled professionals, students, and researchers from abroad, including also their family members), events.

Target group: qualified foreign citizens who want to work, study, or do business in Ostrava and the Moravian Silesian Region, international students.