My future: Joe

23 November 2021
All I know about the future is that it's going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Also for the next three years, it's going to be in the amazing Czech Republic with its amazing people. Since I am enrolled in a Bachelors Education, I am just awaiting the challenges it has and the beautiful memories I would make tackling those challenges. Surprise!!! I am a 23 years old bachelor's student from India. Yes it's better late than never right. In the future, I would love to explore the Czech Cuisine, its Art & History, Czech cinema, and how waste and water resources are so efficiently managed and utilised. I am hoping to find research and work in my field if possible and use the knowledge I gained in the Czech Republic and implement it back in my country wherever it's needed.

I have still not thought about pursuing a masters since I plan to work a bit and then pursue it after some years. In the future, you can see me making a career in Chemical engineering, where I would love to work in places that help to solve the Problems of Mankind using scientific knowledge. There are some primary sectors that I would love to concentrate on, Geriatric care, Efficient waste management, Helping to solve adulteration in Medicine, and working towards a collective goal to solve climate change and reduce global Greenhouse Gasses pollution. Thus in the future, I would love to share my experience and memories of my student life in the Czech Republic by working as an ambassador for STUDY IN CZECH REPUBLIC.