My future: Thiery

23 November 2021

One of the most influential factors in my decision to attend university was the "Study in Czech" Youtube Videos. From them, I first learned about the incredible things about Prague and its universities have to offer. I would not be as interested in them as I am now if it were not for their videos. In this opportunity, I am going to explain why becoming a "Study in Czech" Media Ambassador will help me reach my career and personal goals.

My name is Thiery Timothy Muliawan. I am 18 years old and Indonesian. In My free time, I enjoy doing sports (especially Basketball & Volleyball), working on new projects, travelling, and going for culinary adventures. I will be studying at Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE) as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student in September 2021. I cannot express how thrilled I am to begin this new chapter in my life.

Regarding My educational background, I studied Natural Sciences and Mathematics in a Chinese school at Indonesia, the place where I got My secondary high school diploma. However, due to my background, I lack business experiences. That is why, during my time in Prague, I intend to gain as many experiences as possible (Such as; Part-time jobs or internships and becoming a Media Ambassador for the “Study in Czech”).

For My professional goal, I am planning to either start up a multinational company revolving around sports and/or F&B industries. My objective is to establish a company that connects European and Asian Businesses. This is why I decided to pursue a BBA at VSE University in order to get both theoretical and practical business experience. I also believe that serving as a Media Ambassador will help me achieve this aim. Because I personally enjoy making projects involving creativity and video editing. In addition, I will also have the opportunity to brush up on my documenting, marketing and networking skills.

In conclusion, becoming one of the "Study in Czech" Media Ambassadors is a good fit for Me. Because I am not only interested in projects requiring innovation and film editing, but I can also obtain more filming, marketing and networking experience. I believe these factors are beneficial for My future goals, personally & professionally. As a result, if I am given the opportunity to become one, I will be truly thankful and privileged.