Aliye Hazal Koyuncu

Aliye Hazal Koyuncu
  • Motto: Live happily, work hard, be happy where you are!
  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Situation: Currently studying in the Czech Republic
  • Higher education institution: University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
  • Field of study: Engineering and Technology, Chemical Engineering
  • Level of study: Master

What made you decide to study in the Czech Republic?

I came to Prague during my Erasmus term for 1 year. Then, I decided to keep my master degree in the same university because I really liked my laboratory group, discipline and motivation in the university and really friendly professors.

Did your studies meet your expectations? How did you find the study programme, instructors, university facilities? Were there any differences from studying in your country?

I had a chemical engineering degree from my Bachelor, Turkey when I started my master degree in Prague, VSCHT. So the courses were mostly as I expected, but the education system in the university was way different than the Turkish one. In here, the system works to make you more practical work than just learning something.

What was the biggest surprise with regard to studying or living in the Czech Republic?

The visa issues...

What was your most memorable experience or what did you enjoy most as a student in the Czech Republic?

The life and school teach you to be totally independent and in the meantime self-sufficient student. On the other hand, the social life is really active for foreigner students here, especially Erasmus clubs are working hard!

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

I believe that I learnt much valuable information, and got many experiences!

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying in the Czech Republic?

They should not hesitate to come and try. They will like the Czech Republic especially beers, historical places and the advantage of the location of the country!

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