Jacob Rak

Jacob Rak
  • Motto: Just a simple film student revealing the under-looked aspects of life and living withing the truth.
  • Country of origin: United States of America
  • Situation: Student (currently studying in the Czech Republic)
  • Higher education institution: Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek
  • Field of study: Filmmaking
  • Level of study: Bachelor

What made you decide to study in the Czech Republic?

The school I am studying at made me decide to study in Czechia; It's unlike any school I know of back in my home country and offers me the opportunity of a lifetime to experience life in a different place.

Did your studies meet your expectations? How did you find the study programme, instructors, university facilities? Were there any differences from studying in your country?

To be perfectly honest, I didn't really have any expectations before coming to Czechia to study. All I knew was that it would be a very different experience from any in my home country. The study program and instructors are high quality, the facilities are a bit lacking but that's just the nature of the school.

What was the biggest surprise with regard to studying or living in the Czech Republic?

The biggest surprise for me was the large number of similarities between the Czech Republic and my home country; in Southern Bohemia, where I live and study, even the landscape is extremely similar to my hometown.

What was your most memorable experience or what did you enjoy most as a student in the Czech Republic?

My most memorable experience has been working with fellow students from all over the world on various film projects. It's very interesting hearing the experiences of my fellow students in their home countries.

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

I can't name anything specific that I feel has helped my studies or career yet (because I am still very early in both), but I feel overall the experiences I have here are positive in developing myself as a person.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying in the Czech Republic?

Put yourself out there; go to as many social gatherings as possible and seize every opportunity you're presented with. Developing friendships and connections will help you massively.

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