Instagram Live Sessions

Watch our IG Live Sessions with either an interesting professional or an international student who is currently studying in Czechia. 
Almost every week we will introduce you these individuals, what they do for a living, why they live or study in Czechia and what are their plans for the future! 
Want to know more? Read stories from international students on our blog or learn about our Media Ambassadors, international students writing the blog and carrying out the IGTV interviews.
Eri & Daniela: Daniela from Český jazyk, česká kultura / Czech language, Czech culture talks about teaching international students the Czech language and teaching Czech students the English language!
Anjanette & Marco: Marco is a Portuguese architect who has been living in Czechia for 12 years and at the moment is working as a Head of the Architectural Studio ADM2 at the FSv, Czech Technical University in Prague.
Carlos & Pavel: Two students at the University of West Bohemia met a year ago at the Czech preparatory course. What is it like to be first-year students enrolled in a programme (mechanical engineering and electrical engineering) taught in Czech?
Katya & Franco: Two students. How are they enjoying their studies at Prague University of Economics and Business/University of Economics, Prague? What is their view on the current situation through the eyes of economists?
Maria & Richard: Richard is Maria's colleague and also a student at the University of South Bohemia. He's also a member of Student Union at the University of South Bohemia.
Stephen & Bebe: Ready for some yoga lessons by Yoga with Bebe? Can sport make a difference in the quality of life or help overcome difficulties? What kind of sport do you practice?
Katya & Paolo: Paolo is from Italy. He chose Olomouc for his joint Master's degree. How did he enjoy the city and what's so unique about his GLODEP programme? 
Eri & Patrik: Patrik is a Czech designer and illustrator. He told us about his art journey, experience as an exchange student in Poland and how virus affects artists nowadays. 
Ahmed & Rayan: Rayan is a 2nd year international student at Palacký University in Olomouc, studying at the moment in Erbil, Iraq. Listen to Rayan's experience and plans. He will start his senior academic year in Czechia in the academic year 2021/2022.
Anjanette & Felipe: Felipe is a student of Languages and International Relations. He is currently doing an Erasmus+ semester in Brno's Masaryk University. Hear what Felipe has to say about studying in a Czech university, living in Brno, and his future plans!
Carlos & Dane: Carlos is a big fan of Dane's music. He's a Czech-American musician from the band called Save the Emotion. If you're into music, this IG live session is definitely for you. 
Ashley & Lucie: Our STUDY IN team member Lucie introduced the Czechia Alumni programme and discussed all the details with Ashley. What are the requirements to join the programme? How is the current situation affecting the programme? 
Mebae & Saki: Mebae is from Japan. She's a new member of the Media ambassador's family, studying at Charles University. Her guest, Saki Matsumoto, currently lives in Prague and works as an illustrator. What were Saki's studies like here in Prague and what is her advice on working in Czechia as a foreign artist?
Katya & Adéla: Adéla Smejkalová is the president of the ESN Czech Republic. ESN is an international student association that can be found all over Europe. In total, there’s about 1 thousand people here in Czechia who take part in the ESN program! Why is the Erasmus+ program beneficial for anyone? What does Adela’s daily work consist of as the ESN president? And what are the advantages that students can enjoy if they decide to go for an Erasmus in Czechia?
María Belén & Fabio: Fabio is a student from Colombia. He told us about his first experience doing his Master's and why he now came back here to Czechia to pursue his Ph.D. in political science. Although he's from Colombia, he says he feels at home in here!
Fabiola & Miroslava Syrovátka: Have you ever heard of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree GLODEP? Miroslav Syrovátka is the director of the program and also a professor of one of the subjects taught at Palacky University, Olomouc, one of the three universities you get to study at if you undergo this program! Fabiola is our new Media Ambassador and she is also a fresh graduate of this program, and she shares her valuable personal insiight. Tune in to find out how you can apply!
Katya & Fathia: What is the difference between Czech and Indonesian university? How can studying here help you achieve your dream career?  And finally, how did online classes help Fathia to both work and study? These are just a few of the topics Katya and Fatia touch upon furing their session. 
Eri & Czech Centre in Kiev (UA) part 1: Pilot episode from a new series with the Czech Centres this time with a surprise twist: it's in Ukrainian, which happens to be Eri's native language. The guest is Tetiana Ponomarenko from the Czech Centre in Kiev and she talks about all the different activities that take place in the centre.
Eri & Czech Centre in Kiev (UA) part 2 : Second episode from our series with the Czech Centres, once again from the Czech Centre in Kiev, this time with Evgenia Nesterovych, a cultural events coordinator. Learning Czech? Try listening, you might be able to catch a few words as those languages are somehow similiar!