Katherine Dedukh


From AAU alumni to Tech CEO.

Master degree Journalism at Anglo-American University in Prague.

I have co-founded Techreach, an agency that matches companies with developers, digital marketers and content writers, anything tech-related, really. We are not a typical web agency with ridiculous prices and we are not a dirty cheap platform that provides template-based services. We strive to fix common problems related to freelance and outsourcing and change the way people work and get recruited. We believe that the 9 to 6 schedule is outdated and freelancing is the future. Both people and businesses alike need a more personalized approach in providing and receiving services. We match companies with a perfect fit within 24 hours and make sure that everybody gets what they signed up for.

I would recommend to students to be realistic and patient. Stop fantasizing about traveling the world while working on the beach. Some manage that but some take years to achieve it. I have met many young professionals who have barely any experience, want remote flexible jobs without being able to discipline themselves or deliver on time. Focus first on your skills and discipline and then fit it into your dreams.