Edmund Ofei Aidoo


“I´ve made a risky choice, but one that turned out great.”

Master´s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Liberec.

I settled for Mechanical engineering because there were limited study options available for scholarship applicants. Having studied Biomedical engineering for my undergraduate degree, it was a risky choice but one that turned out great. During my interview I answered that the engines in cars can be compared to hearts in humans, control boards likened to human brains, pipes and fluid also can be compared to blood vessels and bodily fluids. Therefore, a biological system can be modelled as a mechanical system and which can be useful for diagnosis.

My study programme prepared me very well for my professional career. I am happily working in a reputable Czech company as a Mechanical engineer, where I get to learn skills from top players in the industry. I estimate cost for mechanical equipment in project phase and help prepare technical specifications for equipment development. I hold technical negotiations with bidders all around the world and assist in system design for our projects.

I believe that education is only quality if you can make something of it. The Czech Republic Educational system does just that. It equips students with practical skills and the ability to think on their feet to solve problems. I therefore highly recommend the Czech Republic as a top study destination for everyone hungry for education. I have already convinced 4 students and they have successfully joined the Technical University in Liberec for their studies.