Studying in Czechia: Seizing the Possibilities

Dana Alsaialy
Dana Alsaialy
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16. května 2023

One thing I love about studying in Czechia is the endless possibilities for creating positive change. While it is a democratic country with a free-market system where people's voices theoretically matter, I have found that turning these possibilities into realities is not always straightforward. However, throughout my studies, I have realized that if you are proactive and take advantage of the flexibility of university life, you can make a real impact.

On the streets and in the academic setting, there is a passionate spirit of activism and change. Social media and posters are full of information about protests and events, and it is easy to get involved. From storming the president's getaway to supporting the FridaysForFuture climate strikes, participating in month-long celebrations for the LGBTQ+ community, and raising awareness about the situation in Palestine, there are countless opportunities to express your views and make a difference.

At the university level, I have been striving to turn my course projects into real-world initiatives. For example, my Seminar in Policy Analysis Methods last semester culminated in a two-week intensive research project on the communication channels used by our university. I interviewed high-level administrators and multiple students and used secondary research to compile a report and presentation on improving communication and engagement. The administration was interested in the results, and I am pleased to see some of my recommendations implemented this semester. Additionally, I hope to establish a Teaching Assistant (TA) program for the Social Science community, which currently lacks, to provide more support and mentorship for students.

Studying in Czechia offers a unique opportunity to impact society positively. By staying informed, taking advantage of the flexibility of university life, and being proactive in creating change, we can turn the possibilities of this country into realities. As the future generation, we have the power to make a difference, and I am excited to see what the future holds.