International Student and Alumni Meetup France

22 March 2024


Date: 22 March 2024
Time: 18:00-20:30
Location: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris, 15, Avenue Charles Floquet, 75007 Paris

The International Student and Alumni Meetup France is a curated gathering designed for all current international students and alumni of Czech universities in France, creating a vibrant space for connection, celebration, and shared experiences! Connect with fellow Czechia Alumni members and be a part of a community that values shared experiences and collective success.

Who is the event for?

  • International alumni of Czech universities (degree and exchange programs) currently in France.
  • Current Czech students who are studying at French universities.
  • French students who will be interested in studying at Czech universities.
  • Czech and French authorities in the fields of education, economics, and diplomacy.

Meetup Programme

  • Structured Networking: Engage in purposeful connections led by experienced facilitators, creating a dynamic networking experience with fellow international alumni, current Czech students, and French students.
  • Language Corner (Czech and French): Immerse yourself in cultural exchange through our Language Corner, offering a space to practice and learn Czech and French languages.
  • Embassy Gathering: Experience a unique meetup at the Czech Embassy, providing an exclusive opportunity to meet, mingle, and network in an enriching setting.

Event Attendees:

  • International Students: Current international students pursuing degrees or exchanges at Czech universities.
  • Alumni: Graduates of Czech universities, whether recent, exchange, or seasoned.
  • Local Czech and foreign authorities: National Agency, Czech Centres, Czech Trade, Czech Embassy, Czech universities, local universities and other friends of Czechia.


Food and drinks will be served throughout the evening. Business casual attire is recommended for this professional gathering.


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