Thoniso Chitambala

Thoniso Chitambala
  • Motto: Time for a new type of growth
  • Country of origin: Zambia
  • Situation: Student (currently studying in the Czech Republic)
  • Higher education institution: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Field of study: Wildlife and Livestock Production, Managment and Conservation
  • Level of study: Master

What made you decide to study in the Czech Republic?

It is a country that is very different from my own - Zambia and a country that I lived in for 4 years - Costa Rica. It offers a new type of environment and new experiences.

Did your studies meet your expectations? How did you find the study programme, instructors, university facilities? Were there any differences from studying in your country?

I have only been here for a short time and thus far, yes. I have plenty of free time on some days, instructors are very helpful, university facilities are up to per.

What was the biggest surprise with regard to studying or living in the Czech Republic?

How small the shared dorm rooms are.

What was your most memorable experience or what did you enjoy most as a student in the Czech Republic?

I am still developing experiences and so far, it has to be making friends from all around the world.

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

It is adding onto the things I thought I knew and teaching me things I had no idea about.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying in the Czech Republic?

Just take the leap, you will not regret it.