Jobspin Job & Relocation Fair

Start Building Your Future in Brno at the Jobspin Job & Relocation Fair

At the Jobspin Job & Relocation Fair, professionals and recent graduates have the opportunity to meet the most important international employers in Brno face-to-face, in a friendly and professional environment. The fair also features many services useful to expats - from English-friendly banking to education.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. Whatever your professional field, at the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair, you can meet the leading international companies in the region, such as AT&T, FNZ, RWS, Axians and Lufthansa In Touch. As always, the job fair is free for all visitors.

Brno Relocation Fair: if you are an expat, you will find the services you are looking for

The Brno Relocation Fair will be held alongside the Jobspin Job Fair, giving Brno expats access to all the key services they need for their life in the Czech Republic. English is the official language of the fair, where you can meet and chat with experts from companies including Raiffeisenbank, the International School of Brno, CzechVisaLawyer, Foreigners Services and many others. Lawyers, financial advisors, schools, accounting and tax experts, and visa professionals will be on hand to help with any queries or doubts, to make your relocation and life in Brno easier.

This event is family-friendly. Parents can drop their kids off at the children's play area, kindly provided by the International School of Brno.

Find out exactly what companies and recruiters are looking for

At the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair you can meet recruiters in person, showing them your knowledge and skills. It’s simply the best way to get to know potential employers and find out what they have to offer to you. You will also have the opportunity to apply for open positions and take part in an initial interview on the spot.

The last fair, which took place in Prague in April this year, was a huge success, with more than 3,000 people attending. “We saw a great mix of companies from various sectors, from IT to Travel, and confident and well-prepared candidates open to new job opportunities” says Katerina Casadei, Jobspin Sales and Marketing Manager. “It felt like the world had woken up after the long Covid break, now with more energy and will to meet new people and engage in new activities. After all, neither international relocation nor starting a new career are small steps in life.”

What’s more, at the Jobspin Job & Relocation Fair you can take part in workshops and seminars designed to give you extra tools to build your life as an expat in the Czech Republic.

Don't miss out this opportunity to kick off your new path, and head down to the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair in Brno, Nová Zbrojovka, hala 76, Lazaretní 925/9, on 16 September 2023.

Jobspin is also organising more international job fairs in Ostrava (November 24, 2023) and Prague (April 20, 2024).

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