Getting work visa

Summary information on entry into the Czech Republic is provided primarily by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.


EU citizens have essentially the same rights as Czech citizens. Therefore, an EU citizen does not need neither visa nor work permit to stay and work in the Czech Republic. The only obligation of an EU foreigner is to register at the Alien Police Department (Odbor cizinecké policie) within 30 days of arrival.


A third-country national is a citizen of a state that is not a member of the EU nor a citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. Visa or temporary residence permit applications must be submitted at the Embassy of citizenship or residency. Third country foreigners must have job offer before applying.

Short-term visa (Krátkodobé vízum) – Type C

The Short-term visa (also known as Schenghen visa) is granted for a maximum period of 90 days. To apply, a foreigner must hold work permit for up to 90 days employment with a Czech employer. Application may be submitted as early as three months before the trip. Assessment time is up to 15 days.

Long-term residence permit (Povolení k dlouhodobému pobytu) 

Employee Card or Blue Card combines a residence permit and a work permit in one. It can be issued for stay over 90 days.

Employee Card (Zaměstnanecká karta)

Employee Card is issued for a specific job position at a specific emloyer. It is issued for up to 2 years and may be extended. Assessment time is 60-90 days. 

Blue Card (Modrá karta)

The Blue Card is a residence and work permit for university graduates (bachelor's or higher) who reach the wage limit of 1.5 national averages. Employers usually assist employees to collect documents for the card application (employement contract, proof of accommodations). Assessment time is 90 days. 

Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card (Karta vnitropodnikově převedeného zaměstnance)

Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card is for managers, specialists or trainees who will be internally transfered from a company outside the EU for period 3 months to 3 years. 

Business visa – Type D

The Long-term visa for the purpose of business is intended for citizens of third countries who intend to run a business in the Czech Republic, operate a trade, be a self-employed person, a statutory body or a member of the statutory body of a company. 

Permanent residence permit (Povolení k trvalému pobytu)

If you wish to reside in the Czech Republic permanently, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years of continuous residence under the Act on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic. More details available here.

Foreigners with free access to labour market

Some foreigners may have free access to the labour market (e.g. family members of Blue Card holders, foreigners with permanent residency or some international students). Family members (spose and children) of Employee Card or a Business visa applicant (holder) usually apply first for Long term visa – family purpose. Family visa holders are not allowed to work. 

All other important information on the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic can also be found on the website of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic.