Living costs

To cover your living expenses, you’ll need around EUR 500-750 per month. Although your monthly costs can vary depending on your lifestyle, what matters most is where you study. In larger cities like Prague or Brno, you’ll pay more for accommodation, which is the biggest expense. However, you can save money by staying in a student dorm.

The Czech crown (CZK) is the main currency used in Czechia. Some shops or hotels accept euros, but always check the exchange rate.

how much will you spend?


As a student in Czechia, you can save money in many ways. We’ve got some tips for you!

  • Use your student card. You’ll get it from your university to enter campus buildings, borrow books from the library or order meals in the student canteen. Show your card in cafés, museums, cinemas, on trains or public transport to get some students offers and discounts. You can also buy an ISIC sticker and enjoy ISIC card-related benefits in 116 countries.

  • Instead of going out for lunch, try cooking at home. Supermarkets and shops offer loyalty cards or special deals on groceries.

  • Many restaurants serve daily lunch menus at special prices, or you can eat in the student canteen.

  • When you’re setting up your home, you can get or buy some things affordably from students who don´t need them anymore. There are also many related Facebook groups or websites (Sbazar, Bazos) where you can get used items. To buy or swap clothes, you can take advantage of seasonal sales in shops, visit swap events, or use the Vinted app.

  • There are plenty of free activities in the cities (events, museum nights, walking tours). Or get outside and enjoy the free hiking trails throughout the country. The Czech Tourist Club produces maps of all the major routes.

  • Follow the Honest Guide guys to travel like a local, scam-free, and discover things that are unique and interesting.


  • It’s common to have a part-time job, and as a student you don't need a work permit. This can help to cover some of your living costs.

  • If you are applying for a long-term visa or residence permit, you will need to provide proof of funds.


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