You have several options for arranging accommodation while studying in Czechia. Some universities provide student dormitories or you can arrange your own housing in a private flat. The costs will depend on the location and quality of the accommodation.

Student dormitories

Most Czech universities offer their students the possibility of being accommodated in dormitories. Single rooms are rare, so you will probably share the room with a room-mate. The accommodation is usually apartment-type, consisting of two twin rooms with a shared kitchenette, shower and toilet. Rooms are usually equipped with all basic furniture items (bed, desk, chair and shelves). Kitchens are equipped with a cooker, refrigerator, running water and basic kitchen furniture. The obtainment of other furnishings and amenities like curtains, carpets, blankets, pillows, cleaning equipment, dishes, water boilers, toasters etc. is up to the student.

Information about this kind of accommodation can be found either at the universities’ websites or by contacting the Department of International Relations. You will either be able to reserve a room by yourself or further information will be provided to you by the programme coordinator ofyour university.

Prices vary but an average monthly fee is around 120 EUR per month in the room with roommates (usually two people living in one room). Prices include bedding and bed linen, access to a shared kitchenette or kitchen and bathroom facilities, and utility costs.

Living in a dorm is a great way to get to know other people and share your experience, as you will meet a lot of students from various backgrounds.

Private accommodation

Students can also find their own private accommodation, usually either a room in a shared flat, or a flat. It is common for international students to share bigger flats especially in the city centre. After you have settled in and know your way around, this might be an ideal option for you. The advantage of your own housing is the possibility to choose your flatmates and the surroundings.

Prices depend on the size, location and equipment of the flat. The rent is about 500-800 EUR per month for a 2–3 bedroom flat. A room in a private flat will cost approx. 250 EUR per month. Be prepared to pay a deposit as well. It will be returned to you upon your departure, provided that the accommodation is left in acceptable condition.

Private rooms or flats can be found through newspaper advertisements, websites or real estate agencies. Do not forget to have a look at the notice boards in the university building too. You can also check the following websites to search for private apartments: