Czech language courses and foundation programmes

By law, citizens of all nationalities may study free of charge in Czech at public and state universities. Isn't that a good reason to learn Czech or improve your knowledge of Czech? Many universities and institutions offer Czech language courses, foundation programmes or summer schools for international students. Most of them are paid, but there may be exceptions (e.g. foundation programmes that are part of government scholarships). 


Universities offer Czech language courses of varying length, intensity and focus. There are semester, year-long and evening courses, which you can attend in person or online. You can find the courses on offer in our portal or directly on the universities' websites:

You can learn Czech at 17 Czech Centres abroad, each centre has its own specific offer of full-time and online courses. Czech language courses are also organised by the Centres for Support of Integration of Foreigners.  

For Czech compatriots living abroad, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports offers scholarships to attend a 4-week Czech language course as part of the Programme for the Supprt of Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad. Thanks to this programme, compatriots who have a good command of Czech have the opportunity to participate in a study stay at a Czech university. This is a one- or two-semester course of study in Czech, usually at a faculty of arts of a Czech university.


Foundation programmes will help you master the language and prepare you for the entrance exams and future studies in Czechia within one year. They consist of intensive Czech language and subject-specific lessons. You can find a selection of these programmes in our portal or check the university websites directly:


Many universities offer summer schools during the summer holidays. These are short-term study programmes for students from all over the world, focusing on selected topics and bringing together students and teachers with similar interests. Summer schools include lectures, discussions, workshops, project activities and various excursions or cultural events. You can find the range of summer schools in our portal

Some summer schools focus on Czech culture and language. Such summer schools will not prepare you for university studies, but they will add value in the form of a local perspective and real-life experience. The best known are the so-called Summer Schools of Slavonic Studies. They offer language courses, seminars on Czech literature, culture and history, leisure activities including theatre, music and dance performances, excursions, etc. They last 3-4 weeks and are aimed at international students, teachers, translators and other professionals working in the field of Czech and Slavic studies. Each year the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports awards scholarships to applicants from selected countries to attend the Slavic Summer Schools


Are you applying for permanent residence in Czechia or are you going to take the Czech citizenship exam? Check this page for all the details.