About us


What is our goal? To bring perspective and talented people to the Czech Republic. To show them that the Czech Republic is a smart choice for their future.

Our initiative and its website are managed by Czech National Agency for International Education and Research. We provide official information about the higher education system, study opportunities, and student's life in the Czech Republic. Do you want to study? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to spend one of the best times of your life abroad? Do you want to be supported by and connected with the Czech Republic even after you finish your studies via the national alumni programme? The Czech Republic is the right choice for you! And we are here to help.


Are you still hesitating to come and study in the Czech Republic? Having some doubts is normal. It is a big decision but…on top of all the great things which the Czech Republic can offer you, there is also STUDY IN! We provide you with the website with the complex information that can help you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. And what you can find here?

  • Comprehensive overview of Czech universities;

  • Interactive study portal offering more than 1000 study programmes in English and other languages;

  • Information on the higher education system, general overview of visa and admission process;

  • Overview of scholarship opportunities;

  • Opportunity to contact a STUDY IN representative or student ambassador from your country or region;

  • Experiences of current international students through our student blog and social media platforms.

We also attend several student recruitments fairs every year all around the world. Moreover, we regularly attend virtual fairs and organize webinars and Facebook and Instagram live sessions and events for prospective students. Do you want to meet us? No prob, check here.

You can also follow our social networks - Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, furthermore, we have Facebook group Study in the Czech Republic – Official Group and the Czech Republic Alumni LinkedIn private group where you can discuss any topic with current international students.


Nobody is better to describe how great Czech Republic is than real current students from abroad. We are happy to cooperate with those who join our ambassador programme and share their experience with future students. They can do so through the various channels – by publishing their profiles on our website and answering questions about studying in the Czech Republic or by contributing to the students' blog or Instagram as one of our media ambassadors. Read more about types of ambassadors here.

As a current student, you are welcome to join our Study in the Czech Republic – Official Group, where you can connect and chat with hundreds of other international students from all around the country or join various events organized by our initiative and Czech universities. Students can also join the Czech Republic Alumni programme during their studies.


With the help of the Czech Republic Alumni programme, we bring together international graduates who have studied at Czech universities with the newbies who are interested to do so.

To be part of this programme means

  • Networking with other alumni through our LinkedIn group;
  • Participation in events organized by Study in the Czech Republic, Czech Republic Alumni, and its partners, and a lot more.

Do you want to be part of it? Do you want to find new friends or help others? For more deets and registration, take a look here.

Czech National Agency for International Education and Research

The Czech National Agency for International Education and Research is a publicly-funded organization falling under the competence of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Its main objective is to facilitate international cooperation in education and to encourage as many different individuals and institutions as possible to become involved in international activities. The Agency provides information, consultancy, and analytical services to all target groups active in education. Its main partners are schools and other educational institutions, non-profit organizations and companies, local government bodies, and individuals – generally students, teachers, people from the management of all types of schools, youth workers, adult educators, and other professionals in the field.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS, MŠMT in Czech) is responsible for public administration in education, for developing educational, youth, and sport policies, and international cooperation in these fields.