Alumni Meetup Thailand

Czech Alumni Meetup in Thailand: Strengthening Educational and Cultural Bonds

Bangkok, Thailand - October 21, 2023

The inaugural Czech Alumni Meetup in Thailand, a collaborative effort between the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Thailand and the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS), opened its doors to Thai graduates of Czech universities. Held at the Czech Embassy in Bangkok, the event aimed to provide a platform for these alumni to reconnect, share their experiences, and explore opportunities for collaboration between the two nations.

The evening was marked by an atmosphere of warmth and anticipation. The esteemed Czech Ambassador, Pavel Pitel, welcomed the seventeen alumni who had completed their studies in Czechia over the past two decades. The event's informal nature encouraged lively conversations, from reminiscing about Czech academic adventures to discussions about potential collaborations spanning education, culture, and business.

The inaugural meetup was a success, setting the stage for future alumni gatherings and partnerships, hence showcasing the shared enthusiasm of the alumni and their commitment to deepening the connections between Czechia and Thailand. As the evening concluded, it was clear that this event had sown the seeds for lasting connections and fruitful collaborations.


These interactions promise to nurture and strengthen the educational and cultural ties between Czechia and Thailand, forging a bright path for the future.

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Photo credit: the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bangkok