This adventure was full of fun and studying

22 July 2019

Tamari from Georgia studied Master degree programme in Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the Masaryk University. She shares her experience with you!

This adventure was full of fun and studying, studying a lot!

"It was not difficult to make the decision on studying in the Czech Republic, considering huge prospective opportunities to adventurous journey. Especially having a scholarship from the Czech government was very helpful and enjoyable. These scholarships are for the students from developing countries, which mean a tremendous chance to broaden our visions.

Being a Masaryk University (hereinafter ”MU”)  student was a huge responsibility for me and for my friends, required working hard and everyday courage to work twice as hard while facing unexpected difficulties. My fellow students were motivated to participate in all types of activities in the classroom and true enthusiasm was supported by diligent collaboration.

The MU provides vast opportunities to students, but for me the most important benefit was gaining practical knowledge. I am proud of my home country, Georgia, and the university I have graduated from on Bachelor degree, but frankly speaking, teaching only theory is not efficient for the students who are on their way to self-discovery and development. My previous lack of technical education was made up for by the MU, thanks to various workshops, projects and seminars with specially invited speakers to share their professional experiences. Noteworthy, improving professional knowledge via practical experience gave incredible prospect in making a positive impact in my life.

Generally, the Czech Republic is a very comfortable country to live in, especially in Brno. This city became so familiar for me in two years, with its modern and historical architecture, intelligent people, flexible public transport, lots of international students, active nightlife, etc. Brno ranks 4th place in top 10 student cities around the world, so studying here is a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to discover a new environment full of globally-minded people. I have made awesome friends, with whom every single day was an extraordinary journey and it has been an amazing friendship story that I never want to be finished, even though we are from different countries.

This adventure was full of fun and studying, studying a lot. Particularly challenging studies were supported by professional lecturers and again by my genius classmates, who were always ready to give valuable assistance, especially during the state exam period and we have overcome that hard time together. I was very lucky to have distinguished lecturers, who made their classes unforgettable and meanwhile organized exciting trips to bring the students closer to each other. I was honored to gain various skills both specific and transferable throughout the course, such as critical analysis, researching new issues, investigating and analyzing solutions to problems and presenting information in a balanced and unbiased manner.

The students who just now plan to study in the Czech Republic are at the beginning of the right path to diversifying their future development, boost their confidence and significantly widen their perspectives. My recommendation to newcomers would be to enjoy every beat of student life, be ready for “Czenglish”, travel a lot around the Czech Republic -  it has wonderful cities with diverse and extraordinary nature -  and study, study hard!

In conclusion, for me when speaking about the Czech Republic, firstly Brno, Masaryk University and Vinařská dormitory come to my head and I truly think that Brno makes the world a better place to live!"

Photo credit: Tamari Kaikatsishvili