Studying and working in the Czech Republic

Mbamu Thelma Chama
Mbamu Thelma Chama
22 April 2020
If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to earn and possibly save some extra money even while pursuing a full-time university program. This, however, definitely takes some extra planning, especially where your time is concerned (ut’s your key resource) because ultimately, you want to both have your cake and eat it, you don’t want your academics to suffer because of your job and vice versa.

Mbamu Chama / 2020 Ambassador / 22.4.2020

Besides the financial benefits, working and studying gives a big boost to your future career prospects by giving you experience in a real-life working environment. And since we’re talking specifically about working and studying in the Czech Republic, it’ll give you more opportunities to meet the locals and perhaps even sharpen your Czech language skills.

What we will do in the next few paragraphs is to go over a few interesting tips and insights from my experience all from searching for a job to getting that very first cheque.

Hopefully, you’re now convinced that working while studying is the way to go and are thinking about just what to do next.

Firstly, you need to decide what specific job you would like to do, what are your abilities and qualifications?  This will help you narrow it down when you officially begin your job hunt!

In my case, I am an undergraduate student and therefore have fewer options than say, a postgraduate student would, but I was able to land a job teaching English, which I am quite satisfied with, might I add!

So you want to explore all your options by doing thorough research on what opportunities are available for you.

There are many resources available to help you find your ideal job, from online job search sites to flyers and even good old word-of-mouth recommendations!

Remember that as a student, one key criterium for your would-be job is flexibility, you want to have the ability to fix your own schedule or change it when necessary in such a way that it will complement your school timetable, not conflict with it. Luckily there are many companies that hire “brigadnici”, or student workers, and therefore offer the necessary flexibility. Remember, school shouldn’t suffer at the expense or work and vice versa! You can succeed at both!

Happy job hunting!

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