Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín

Stephen Boahene
Stephen Boahene
5 June 2020
Tomas Bata University in Zlin is about four hours journey (302km) from Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Zlin is a city located in the southeastern Moravia in the Czech Republic. The development of the modern city is closely connected to the Bata shoe company and its social scheme developed after the First World War.


Stephen Boahene / 2020 Ambassador / 5.6. 2020

The city is a home to the Tomas Bata University which was opened in 2001. The University offers courses in Technology, economics, Humanities, Arts, Health care and Applied Informatics. I am currently studying MSc. Polymer Engineering at the Faculty of Technology.


The University is known of its quality teaching, accommodating and experienced professors and or counsellors, state of the art laboratories and ultra-modern library. During the weekdays, classes’ hours and lectures are intense. The lecturers of the university are so accommodating and super friendly to the extent that they are willing to have one on one discussions with students should the need for the student to contact them for further explanation on some particular topics.

Due to the smaller number of class size (depends on the Faculty), discussions between students and lecturers are very easy and fun without any difficulties. Lecturers give room for questions to be asked and they are able to explain to one’s understanding. Laboratory lessons are conducted and students have the opportunity to partake in these lessons with chemicals in a safe laboratory room adhering to the safety rules in the lab. There are opportunities for students to enrol on internship programs to acquire technical skills in the job field.

Now let us move away from studies and also focus on the fun aspect. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Programs are mostly organized by the Buddy system and these include Country Presentations, Karaoke night, Beer pong (my favourite game), Educational trips and many others.


These programs are organized to occupy the student’s fun part of their life. There are pubs, restaurants and cafes, sports centres, gymnasium (open and closed), serene environment for hiking (the favourite part of my stay). I mostly enjoy going hiking, to the gym for work out sessions and finally going to watch ice hockey matches. 

Zlin is mostly green so if you are a fan of nature, you will completely enjoy your stay in Zlin. Beer is really affordable and Czech beer taste great. My favourite Czech beer will be Pilsner Urquell and before I take it, I just shout "Na zdravi" then hit my glass on the table then drink.


When it comes to issues pertaining immigration, visiting the immigration offices to prolong your stay, the buddy system assists students in accompanying them to the immigration office to translate to the Czech language to make the processes much easier for the students.


There are many other more amazing things I would like to share with everyone but I guess time wouldn’t permit me so I encourage everyone to join me here in the Czech republic precisely Zlin and have some stories to also say to your friends and everyone all over.

I look forward to seeing you all, thank you and have a lovely day.