Masaryk University & Mendel University

Katarina Sovilj
Katarina Sovilj
12 June 2020
In the Czech Republic, I have successfully finished my Bachelor studies and I am on the way to graduate from Master´s studies as well. I have been a student of both major universities in the city of Brno – Masaryk University and Mendel University. In the following paragraphs, I will tell you the highlights of both universities.

Masaryk University

Library and other spaces

Masaryk University has great spaces available for students. Starting from cafeterias, lounge areas and study rooms to classrooms, aulas, and libraries. Library of Faculty of Social Studies, in particular, used to be my happy place throughout my whole studies. I continued going there to learn even after switching universities. It is spacious, peaceful, comfy, modern, and has a huge range of available books of all genres.


Sizeable range of optional subjects –notable control over your studies

Around half of classes at MUNI are mandatory, while the rest of the fund you are allowed to fill up with basically anything that you desire. You can sign up for some optional classes in other fields of study, but also at other faculties of MUNI. Also, you are obliged to take some language and PE courses which is always a plus. 

diverse extracurricular activities

There is a wide range of students´ clubs and organisations that you can join at MUNI. Not only that, but they are actively advertised and supported by the university. Their activities are diverse and there is something for everyone. 

Mendel University 

organisational flexibility

I came to the Czech Republic for Czech preparatory course and only after one year of studying Czech I have entered university with locals. Keeping up with Czech natives require that you learn 2 or 3 times more than them. It is challenging, but it is rewarding. MENDELU provides significant flexibility in passing the subjects. Teachers are flexible and cooperative. 

international exchanges and projects

At MUNI people tend to apply for projects and exchanges much more, therefore the competition is much higher. The enrollment process usually depends on how good your grades are. At MENDELU I got enrolled in every exchange programme I applied.

Events where students and teachers participate

I was positively surprised by how popular some travel events are that regularly take place after classes on the school premises. Both students and teachers participate, and their relations are open and informal.