My Czech Way of Life

Mbamu Thelma Chama
Mbamu Thelma Chama
11 August 2020
One of the things people quickly discover about me is that I’m a nature lover. So naturally, I am in love with all things IN nature that Czechia brings to the table. From the majestic mountain down to the tiniest ant, nature for me is a source of fascination and wonder!

So, I couldn’t let the chance to share a bit about my life and experiences in Czechia slip by without mentioning my deep appreciation for the beauty of the country — in the context of nature! This has changed the overall feel of my experience here, but because this piece should give a well-rounded view of my day-to-day experiences here, let’s dive straight into what actually goes on in my day to day life as an international student.



When I’m not seated at a desk — eyes glued to my laptop screen or a book, (or my phone) or running errands like grocery shopping, you will probably find me out and about - cycling, taking a walk, running or simply wandering around with some friends in one of the many beautiful places there are to visit or seated at a cafe having some conversation over vanilla milkshake and cake. Some of my friends, especially those studying in Prague (no names mentioned) often tease me about how I stay in a “tiny town”. Despite this, Hradec has been a place I’m only too happy to call my home for whatever number of years I am here.


So, it goes without saying that life is not all sunshine and rainbows - studying abroad will set the adult in you into full action, especially as an undergraduate student.  As now you’re suddenly fully responsible for yourself in more ways than before, or at least, that has been my experience, adulting becomes the norm. And with this comes the need to master the art of time management, self-management and other forms of management. No one’s perfect, I know I’m not and studying in the Czech Republic has certainly challenged me to work on certain aspects, say, for instance, having had some sort of pre-meditated structure (if you will) of my day before it actually comes, some framework to work with as the day unfolds.

Without boring you with the details, my typical day incorporates some form of physical exercise — cycling, walking running or very rarely— going to the gym. I also enjoy cooking, so I make time to prepare what fits my description of a tasty meal, reading (non-academic and academic literature), talking on the phone — something I do every day and probably for a bit longer than others because I have many friends and family on the other end of the world. All in all, it’s a pretty simple but wonderfully fulfilling life!



Some live for the constant thrill and others for the calm and quiet— and both parties find exactly what they want here; there will be many nights out and parties, but also still lakes and quiet parks. I, on the other hand, live for the extraordinary as well as the ordinary things in life, and there’s not a single day I’ve spent here so far, deeply mundane though some days have been, that hasn’t delivered to me it’s a fair share of goodness.




If you do come and study here, which I certainly hope that you will make the right choice and do — get ready to be amazed in even the most unexpected ways, no matter your interests or lifestyle. You will also be challenged in ways that will help you realize your potential. After all, you’re here for education— and that should develop you in a holistic way, I hope I’m not wrong, but I think you’re looking to get educated as an all-round human being. Well, the Czech Republic will give just that experience.