Top Things to Consider When Choosing a University

1 October 2020
There are many universities all around the world, and it can get a bit overwhelming to decide where to go. After all, choosing a university is the first step towards higher education, but you'd also want to enjoy what your university and the city has to offer. These are a few questions you can ask yourself, to help you decide on where to go, and what to consider.


1. What field of study would you like to be in?

Would you like to study in the sciences? Perhaps in IT or humanities? Plenty of universities offer different programs, but some programs can be more specific and streamlined. Make sure to search for universities which have programs you are interested in studying - you can even check out their study plans, and requirements.



2. Where would you like to study?

Some people like to stay in the place they grew up in; however, not everyone chooses to do so. If you'd like to move somewhere else, where? To a big city with plenty of restaurants and cafes? How about a smaller city, known for its large student community? If possible, try to sign up for open days or campus tours. It'll help you get a feel of where you'll be learning for the next couple of years.

All these questions will depend on what you're looking for while you are studying - perhaps you want to immerse yourself in the culture of a different country. Consider the lifestyle you would like while studying, as this is an important factor. This is your chance to hit two birds with one stone: study and explore.

3. How will your finances look like?

It is an important question to ask yourself, as you would definitely want to live comfortably. This is also something to consider when you would consider the lifestyle in the city or country you'd like to move to for university, aside from tuition fees.

Are there scholarship opportunities? Is there a chance to study and work at the same time to get some extra money? Try to look into these factors when choosing a university.

4. Do you know what the university culture is like?

Chances are, you might know someone from your friends or family, who is studying (or studied) at the university you'd like to attend. Why not ask them their opinion? How do they feel about the campus and the lifestyle?

If you are looking into a university and you are brave enough to venture out into the unknown where your friends and family haven't been, don't fret. You can always check out the university's social media pages - from Instagram to Facebook, you can definitely find out some information. 


Don't limit yourself to the official accounts, though. You can search through hashtags or posts made by students at the university. You can even try to contact the university's official social media accounts or international relations office, to try and get into contact with current students for queries and advice.

If you're planning on coming to the Czech Republic, this is definitely applicable. You can also try to contact Student Ambassadors or Alumni from different universities if you'd like!

Indeed, going to university is a big step in one's life. Making choices can be difficult, especially when there are many prestigious universities one could successfully be admitted to.

The world is your oyster, and you have a myriad of choices indeed - but I hope that these questions help you ultimately decide where to study.