Home cooking far away from home

María Belén Aguirre
María Belén Aguirre
Student community
6 January 2021
"Nothing is better than mom's food", a lot of people said that. But I think that you can travel with your imagination just by tasting the flavors of the world, but also you can feel at home eating some recipes from your family.


Although here I feel like home because in my house we eat a lot of Czech food (or sometimes our version of that) times to times I miss a little the food of my family. Maybe is because for us is not just the food, is for the meeting. Every Sunday we eat "Asado" (one of our most popular food, usually consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla which are cooked on a grill, called a parrilla, or open fire) is normal start al 11 am just drink or eat some snacks after we eat the Asado and we can spend to maybe 5 pm talking and enjoy the time with family. Anyways, guys, if you live in a residence, the best place to make friends is in the kitchen, so go there and enjoy :).

At this time, Christmas time, everything smelled like homemade cookies, personally is my favourite season of the year but I think this year will be a mixed Czech and Argentinian Christmas, I'm so excited about that. I'm learning a lot of traditions for Christmas here. Last week I was in the house of my Czech friend, and we made Christmas cookies (Vánoční cukroví) and to my surprise, a lot of recipes were the same as I did with my grandmother in my childhood, some with other techniques, and others I never made. Next week will do Argentinian recipes, so will be like a recipe exchange.