New Years Resolutions

Mbamu Chama
Mbamu Chama
Student community
28 December 2020
If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught me (among others), it’s the reality of life’s uncertainty, the unpredictability of every next moment, next day, week, month or year. We live in the face of this one fact, which is a scary, but a potentially thrilling reality to contend with.


And how many of us, full of optimism and high hopes have made plans and resolutions for the new year, you know, the healthy diets, the promises to be consistent with workouts, to keep in touch, reading lists, to-watch lists, this list and that list. For some reason, we tend to be more excited and confident in our ability to make desired changes at some future time, rather than now.


I’d like to suggest something that, at first seems a little counterintuitive to the new year new me slogan. What if, rather than waiting for the calendar to show 1st January 2021, in order to treat ourselves to a healthy meal, to call an old friend we haven’t spoken to in ages, to start a workout routine or learn to play a musical instrument or do (insert something you have been meaning to improve or embark on), whatever it may be, we embraced this present moment, if it can be started now, perhaps now is the time to start. The new year then gives an opportunity for even more growth.


That being said, I certainly do not discount the beauty of the new, that wonderful idealism and hope that comes with turning over a new leaf, it does bring promise and hope of better things to come. I’m pretty sure we all just want 2021 to be in many ways the opposite of that 2020 has been. We can be glad that we have survived this rollercoaster ride and emerged even stronger than before. We have adapted to new ways of learning and living in general, and I will dare to say that we can afford to be hopeful for what 2021 has in store and face it with courage. And so as you get set to plan the coming year, remember to seize the present moment and it’s opportunities too.


 Happy new year!