Food is life

Joseph John
Joseph John
Student community
22 January 2021
There is a saying, ‘Don’t live to eat but eat to live’. But actually, we all live for food. I’m a foodie. I like to travel and try different varieties of food from different places. I enjoy every kind of dish. I have even tried different foods in Czechia as well.


My favourite Czech food is "svíčková na smetaně". In the Czech Republic, we get different types of continental foods (dishes of French, Spanish and Italian) and also other countries. Sometimes I feel it is not so expensive to try, the store will have good offers at the festival times. I don’t cook Czech food but I have friends who visit me often and make Czech dishes. But still, at times, I miss Indian food. In India, we have so many different types of spices and flavours. My hometown is in Kerala, a small state in India. In Kerala, we have a wide variety of food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The most famous and my favourite one is “Sadhya”.

Sadhya refers to the traditional banquet of vegetarian dishes, served only in Kerala. Give a Keralite a chance to talk on it and he will chew your ear off with his take on the who/what/when/wheres related to the sadhya. Sadhya is prepared as a feast during the festival Onam, weddings, and other events. A traditional sadhya is served on a banana leaf and eaten without cutlery. During a traditional sadhya, we do not count calories, we count dishes. An Onam sadhya will normally have more than 24 items in a single course. While it is traditionally vegetarian, in many parts of North Kerala, you will find non-vegetarian versions which include seafood and chicken in the sadhya. 

In Czech, there are many Indian restaurants. I used to go there when I wanted to try something new and also I cook Indian food in my style. But sadly, we don’t get that traditional taste of our food. Because even though we get Indian spices and other items here, they are not the authentic ones. I have been in the Czech for almost 3 years now. So I’m craving to go back to my country and make my tummy and soul happy with the food my Mom makes.