The Prague University of Economics and Business

Katya Samarina
Katya Samarina
17 March 2021

Since universities in the Czech Republic started conducting Opening Days and opened their admissions, I want you to get to know my university better and really start considering it as a place, where you can continue your studies.

The Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), founded in 1953, is the biggest public university in the field of economics and business in the Czech Republic and now there are more than 14,000 students. Both in the Czech Republic and abroad, the university is highly respected. The Faculty of Business Administration has received EQUIS accreditation, putting it in the top 1% of business schools worldwide.

VŠE has 4 buildings where students take classes: New building (NB), Old building (SB), Rajska building (RB), and Italska building (IB). They are all connected to each other and located close to the city centre, near the main train station. At first, it can seem pretty confusing, I got lost there for the first time, but the more you go there the more you understand it. Faculties usually are divided between the first 3 buildings and the last one is for canteens (on first and second floors), Sports Center and Academic club. Personally, studying at the Faculty of Business Administration, my classrooms are located in Rajska and Old buildings. Speaking of the last one, there are also Computer Center, Book and Gift Store and Library. Mostly, my classes take place in Old Building because it`s where my faculty is located. Unfortunately, due to covid, I couldn`t go to most of the places, but I hope I`ll have this opportunity next semester! We also have a 3D campus tour on the university`s website if anyone is interested to see how it looks like in real life.

My university also has plenty of dormitories (9 in total), most of them are located in Jarov district, Prague 3, which is pretty close to VŠE. If you go by tram, it`ll take you approximately 20 min to get there.

Dormitories are very spacious as well. Mainly there`re 2 rooms in 1 unit so it means it accommodates 4 people, however, there are dormitories where 6 people live. However, it also has its own advantages: for example, their rooms are bigger and sometimes have 2 bathrooms.

There`s also a gym in the Roosevelt dormitory and a fitness centre in Palachova one. However, if you are not a fan of fitness and want to playgroup sport, it`s not a problem at all! We have a tennis court, football field as well as volleyball and basketball one, and balls can be provided by the receptionist. If you live in the University Hotel, you can even book a small barbeque place, which is close to the smocking area

The canteen is situated 2 minutes from dormitories, which offers you a different meal every day. Besides, a student can buy it at a lower price if they use their ISIC card.

In all, my experience at VŠE has been great so far. Starting from the cooperative and professional faculty to the comfortable dormitories, I`m content and satisfied with what VŠE offers. I hope now you know more about it and I want to wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide on pursuing.