University of West Bohemia

Carlos Arteaga
Carlos Arteaga
31 March 2021

With 26 public universities, two state universities and many private ones, the Czech Republic offers a wide range of options to choose from. So we get to the question “Which one should I choose?” You’ve probably already read other blogs on our website about universities, and now it's turn for the university where I’m currently studying: University of West Bohemia (or Západočeská Univerzita in Czech). 


The university is located in the beautiful city of Pilsen (Plzeň), European Capital of culture in 2015. The city is definitely something worth mentioning. It is a beautiful city 90 minutes away from the capital and 90 minutes away from the border with Germany. All surrounded by nature, Pilsen is a peaceful and charming place with all the amenities that we might need (since it’s the 4th biggest city in the country). 







The city also has an amazing transport system, with trams, trolley and buses connecting every single place, including of course, the University of West Bohemia.


And now, talking about the university itself.  Founded in 1992, the University of West Bohemia has 9 faculties: 
-Faculty of applied sciences 
-Faculty of Arts 
-Faculty of Economics 
-Faculty of education
-Faculty of Electrical engineering 
-Faculty of health care studies 
-Faculty of Law
-Faculty of mechanical engineering 
-Faculty of design and art 

There's about 130 different study programs to choose from. With a variety of master and doctoral studies taught fully in English!






Main installations

The university installations is probably my favorite part about it, with a modern and well thought design (also, constantly renewing), decorated with projects and art made by the students. With more than enough space for roughly 11,000 students currently studying here, and of course, all the buildings have good wifi signal (which is free for all students).


Transport within the university

The university is approximately 15 minutes  by foot from the main dorms and in general, from one side of the university to the other, it may take around 10 minutes to walk. For this reason, the university offers free scooter rides for students!



The library is a must-visit! It is probably the best university library I’ve seen. Full of natural light, comfortable, peaceful, modern... and the best part, with a little coffee shop where you can have a snack while studying or simply reading. I'm sure you would like it as much as I do. 


In general (and from my perspective), the Czech culture is very active, people are constantly exercising and in movement. For this, sport is something fundamental at the university, offering many different sports (even during summer) also, the university campus has a gym for students. 



My favorite place is certainly an open-air stage where you can enjoy music and shows during special events (especially during spring and summer).









Talking about food, we definitely have enough options to choose from. Just to start, the main canteen is a huge space that offers different (and delicious) menus everyday. 

Also, right in front of the main entrance, we have a beautiful coffee place with spaces inside and outside to enjoy throughout all the seasons, here, you can no only get a coffee, but also different sandwiches, snacks, desserts and even pizza! 
The third option is a second coffee shop inside the library, the most quiet and chill place of all. 

In general, after studying 1 year here, I can confidently say that the University of West Bohemia is a great option that you should consider. Hopefully this blog can help you in finding the right university. You can come and join either this one or any of the great universities within the country.