Faculty of Arts, Charles University

María Belén Aquirre
María Belén Aquirre
14 April 2021

Its time to know a little more about the Faculty of Arts (Filozofická Fakulta, in Czech). It is one of the original four faculties of the Charles University.

It was founded, in 1348 by Charles IV., it has been the intellectual center of the kingdom of Bohemia and it retains this role to the present, it is one of the largest and most important scientific and educational institutions in the humanities in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Universitas Carolina/facebook.com/UniverzitaKarlova


The faculty provides lectures in the widest range of fields of the humanities in the Czech Republic. And do you know that is the only university faculty in Europe that provides studies in all the official languages of the European Union?

The international students have a lot of programs (like Governmental scholarship/ Direct exchange (University and Faculty agreements)/ Erasmus+/ CEEPUS/ AKTION/ Visegrad Fund/ ECES – East and Central European Studies/ Freemovers/ Czech Studies programme).

I remember, in 2017, my first step in the Faculty of Arts was for the summer course of the Czech language (at that time the course was in Dobruška, and now it is in Poděbrady).

My experience here is amazing, I highly recommend it. Are you ready to come and join in university life?