Czech Technical University in Prague

Rahul Jaiswal
Rahul Jaiswal
28 April 2021

For someone who is deeply passionate about cars and motorsports, Europe is the place to be. The beating heart of the industry, Central Europe is the hub of some of the most prestigious names in the business. The possibilities and opportunities are seemingly endless.
As with any field, finding the right place to nurture that ambition is crucial. A strong program that emphasises a solid grasp of the fundamentals and offering many avenues to channel the knowledge gained in the classroom into an asset for the industry is an ideal choice to make when planning a career in automotive engineering.

The Masters of Automotive Engineering program at Czech Technical University in Prague is one shining example of such. The course is moulded as per the needs of the industry and offers comprehensive training in the field of design of motor vehicles, combustion engines and powertrain components. There is also a great degree of flexibility with the field of study, where students have the opportunity to delve further into their choice of specialization, with completing their second year of the course at a different partner university: Advanced Powertrains (at CTU), Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Transport Systems (at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem, Netherlands), Fuel Cell Drives (at TU Chemnitz, Germany), and Design of Vehicles and Modelisation and Computation (at ENSTA Bretagne, Brest, France). During the first year at CTU, necessary knowledge is also extended in the fields of mechanics of multibody systems, mechanics of solid and fluid phase continua, vibration in vehicles, technological issues specific for the automotive industry, design of tools and plastic parts, microelectronics, CAD, economy, management and experimental methods specific for the automotive field. In addition to the course, the university is also host to top-notch Formula Student teams in Combustion as well as Electric Drive domains. With good academic performance, it is also possible to avail of a scholarship ranging from 2000 CZK to 10,000 CZK monthly.