Brno University of Technology

Xuexiu Jia
Xuexiu Jia
27 April 2021

I’ve been thrilled to accept this “task” to introduce one of the best technical universities in the Czech Republic to the students looking for a new studying experience in this beautiful central European country.


View from the main building 

The Brno University of Technology (BUT), is a technical-oriented but comprehensive university located in the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno. BUT originated with education in Civil Engineering and architecture, and has a long history even before the official establishment of Vysoké Učení Technické v Brně (BUT in the Czech language) in 1956. 

So naturally, the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) is the oldest and the largest faculty of BUT, which has now more than 6,000 students and offers 4 programs in the Czech language (for free), and Civil Engineering in English. Faculty of Architecture, together with FCE, is another one of the oldest faculties in BUT, and both of them locates close to the city centre of Brno. Other 7 faculties, including the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Communication, Chemistry, Business and Management, IT, etc. locates in the Technology Park in the northern part of Brno. There are many large IT companies located in the Technology Park, and local people call this place “the Czech Silicon Valley” ;).  

View from the Palacky hill behind the Technology Park campus 

As a freshly graduated doctoral student from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, here is some first-hand information about this cool faculty. FME is the second oldest faculty in BUT and offers various studying projects in engineering and machinery. The faculty has a lot of impressive projects related to robotics and racing automobile.  

Brno University of Technology  F1 racing exhibition 

As BUT has an open campus, the faculties located in city center and Technology part, which is about max 20-min tram travel from each other. Living is also quite convenient. The university canteen and main student’s accommodation, as well as the sports center and gyms, are all located nearby the Technology park campus. BUT also has accommodation buildings nearby, for example Faculty of IT also in Kralovo Pole, northern Brno.  A special tip for readers, faculty information centers provides the services of library and information, and the university has a central library which has the same long history as the establishment of the university and dates back to 1899. Besides, the Moravian Library, which is the second-largest library in the Czech Republic, is just a few minutes’ walks from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.  

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

BUT is the best option if you are looking for an engineering and technical future, and Brno is the place with a great combination of fine living and studies. If you are interested in studying in the Czech Republic, STUDY IN is the right place to start ;)