My Experience With Remote Internship

Seakling Duong
Seakling Duong
10 May 2021

2020 may not the best year for everyone. I sometimes thought probably I could have done a better job with grabbing new learning opportunities if there was no pandemic; however, I was still glad to have accomplished a new working experience (a remote traineeship under the Erasmus+ mobility program) at the end of 2020.

Being a senior student at the university, I feel the responsibility to get myself equipped with some experience to get ready for the career journey ahead. Therefore, as the final year is approaching, I was constantly looking for an opportunity to do an internship abroad through the Erasmus+ work placement program during the last summer (2020). Unfortunately, as the pandemic situation has restrained many companies from accepting new candidates, my plan did not go as expected.

The online class was already a new thing to me and to be honest, I had no idea back then that there is a thing like “Remote Internship” until I came across a website of one company in Poland.

I sent them my CV and cover letter by email, asked for information, and applied for a remote internship/traineeship. With good news, I got accepted into the marketing department (as I applied for a marketing internship) with also a possibility to do the internship under the Erasmus+ program. The 2 months internship; however, came with the fee that I had to pay before the starting date.

Thanks to the supports from my university as the internship was under the Erasmus+ program, the fee was covered, and I was as well granted some extra credits for my study.

The main communication platform used between the company and me was Email. Every week, I would receive a new task which I was supposed to do and send it back in a week. After that, I would get a new email with feedbacks, a new task, and a guideline to do the new task. The team I was working with was really active, communicative, and responsive. The internship was very flexible, so in the case that I needed more time to work on the given tasks, I could just inform them about my delay.

Most of the tasks involved various data collecting and market researches. At the end of the internship, the company provided me with the documents that my university and I needed, and I was rewarded with a certificate of an internship and a recommendation letter as well.

To sum up, It was a completely new experience for me, and I am glad to have found the possibility to learn continuously even in a very chaotic moment. Let’s stay productive and learn new things J !