The University of Hradec Králové

Maria Suarez
Maria Suarez
10 May 2021

Well, it’s been some time coming from the Philosophical Faculty of the UHK to tell you a bit about this university, so here I am! 

Before I get to it, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a UHK bachelor student of the Political Science programme in the University of Hradec Králové. My name is María Ximena and you might remember me from the last student Meet Up by Honest Guide and DZS at Vnitroblock! If you missed it,  let me refresh your memory: The guys from Honest (Prague) Guide were hosting the event, and it got a lot of attention from both Czech and international students, since 240 of them were there.

Had the chance to chit chat with Honza and Janek. Got these cool pictures with the guy who’s often behind the camera of their amazing videos :)

Me, and three other students, had Pecha Kucha presentations about either our own experiences studying in the Czech Republic or abroad.

We had some little snacks - in tiny pots that made you look like a giant, drinks, and several other smaller tapas sponsored by the National Agency. It was a super cool event, and after it, I became one of the Ambassadors for the Study In Czech Republic project.

In the background, you can also see some of the DZS pens and the paper sheets for the quiz night we had.

Now. Enough about myself and the MeetUp. It’s time to talk about my gorgeous university.

First of all, you should know that the University of Hradec Králové is located in the city of the same name, and it has been ranked in the prestigious World University Rankings published by Times Higher Education. The university also partners with over 200 universities and participates in numerous exchange programmes and in general, it is a great place to have a calm student life. 

My university has 10 buildings! (technically, 11 if you count the dorms as an extra one). So sometimes it can be a bit tricky getting around and understanding where everything is: 

As a student from the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové, I normally would have to go to building E (out of corona times), which is a little bit further away from the centre and it takes a bit of planning because there are fewer buses going nearby. During the spring and fall, I simply take my bike and in 10-15 minutes I’m there. All the buildings have bike parking places, which makes it very comfortable. 

Maps of the buildings (Made by the UHK, I’m not that great at photo editing):

There’s a university canteen, too, very close to the main campus (buildings J, S, and A). And if you don’t like the food, the city centre is pretty close and there are several places to choose from. 

Building A - Main University building (Library)

Pre-COVID, I, personally, spent a lot of time in both my faculty building, as well as the main one because the study/relax rooms are simply great on the main campus. Our local ESN section, ESN Hradec Králové, also has its office in building J, and as an ESN volunteer, I also spent a lot of time in the ESN office. The library building (A) and the Faculty of Science (S), the Faculty of Informatics and Management (J) are all very close together, so often I had to plan a bit in advance when “commuting” from my own faculty building. 

All and all, the University of Hradec Králové is a great place to study, within a city with some great bike roads ;)