First faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Mahnoor Khan
Mahnoor Khan
20 May 2021

I guess my university is one of the few universities still holding most of the classes in person and this is what I love about my faculty.

I study at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and without doubt, it is a place worth considering for your medical studies. I study General Medicine here but there are more programmes available, too. The university tries its best to give us maximum practical exposure with modern equipment and facilities and we as students help each other even more. We are like a family here supporting each other whenever needed. My faculty is made on quite a large scale and is pretty old which answers the question as to why do we have so many buildings and moving from one building to another is quite a walk indeed. You could even take a tram sometimes which will help you reach the buildings earlier and faster but I usually prefer walking which does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. I live in the dorms which aren't really close to the university but if you are able to afford it, you can perhaps rent out apartments that are quite close to the university.

Until like 2nd year we have mandatory Physical Education as a subject with various sports including swimming and football; however, due to COVID, they had to cancel the Physical Education classes. The canteens are a lovely place, I must say with various options to choose from and they have at least 1 Veg item daily on their menu which is a good thing to hear for quite a lot of us. The library and study rooms are quite huge and accommodating. The librarians are really kind and understanding (unless you cross the due date, of course, haha) They make sure to maintain peace and quietness so that everyone studies peacefully. The library is also my favourite sleeping place between classes, no wonder haha.