Villa Tugendhat - UNESCO charm through the eyes of an aspiring architect

Arisa Teriyapirom
Arisa Teriyapirom
1 November 2021

Ask any architectural student about a famous architect they know and the name Ludwig Mies van der Rohe will come up. As one myself, I have done a lot of study and research into the works Mies van der Rohe, yet I never had the chance to visit them. And so, when I had an opportunity to join a guided tour of the Villa Tugendhat in Brno, I was beyond excited. 
With regards to the tour itself, everything ran smoothly. I was impressed by the amount of knowledge and information our tour guide provided us with, regarding the history of the house, the family and the architecture itself. For each room that we entered, whether it was a bedroom, kitchen, or even the underground heating system room, he would

give us detailed account of its function, who it was designed for and the design features or elements that made it unique. Personally, it was this story-telling and attention to detail of our guide that made this tour exciting and memorable.

As an architectural student walking through the Villa Tugendhat, I was mesmerized. It is fascinating and shocking to know that this masterpiece, with so much detail and thought process behind it, was designed and built in 1929-1930. Yet, this type of “modern architecture” with large glass windows overlooking the city, exposing structural system to create an open-floor plan, focusing on the details of the materials, texture and furniture, instead of ornaments, is a style we are all so familiar with now. It is a strange feeling to realize how much architecture has changed over the years, but at the same time, how much it has not changed at all.

Overall, I would recommend anyone visiting or studying in Brno (especially if you are interested in architecture) to visit Villa Tugendhat, among many other sites. Despite this being my first time there, I would say that the best time to see the villa is during the fall season and in the late afternoon to

evening, as the scenery of orange leaves falling against the backdrop of the city skyline and the soft glow of the shadow casted by the sunset is definitely a site worth witnessing.