Media Ambassadors' Workshop

Leisure activities, Student community
2 November 2021

Every single year, our Media Ambassadors get together for a workshop that rewards their valuable contribution to Study in the Czech Republic social media. Last year, there was a TED Talk Workshop dedicated to the art of speech. This year, the third generation of Media Ambassadors met in Brno at the iconic UNESCO site Vila Tugendhat (built in 1930)to enhance their photography skills.

Despite digital media assisting our everyday lives, we took a step back to one of the oldest photography printing processes called Cyanotype. The result of this process is a signature blue and white print.

And how do you make this print, you ask?

First, a negative is made from digital photos. Such tools as scissors, pipettes, chemicals, a UV lamp, but also a hair dryer come into play. The dry printed negative of the photo on the produced photo-paper then gets developed in a dark chambre which once served to the owner of the villa, Fritz Tugendhat, who was an avid amateur photographer.

How did the students cope with the task and which corner of the Villa did they choose for their self-portrait? Thiery Muliawan, a student at the University of Economics in Prague, didn’t have to think twice. One of the 3 rare types of wood that the architect chose for the interior of the villa was wood imported from Indonesia, where the student comes from.

What did our Media Ambassadors think about the Villa? „I can’t believe that a washing machine and this building come from the same century,“ said Belen, a student of Czech Language at Charles University.

„This doesn’t feel like being in a museum, more like visiting the most modern building of 20th century, “ said Fabiola, studying in Palacky University, Olomouc in awe.

Even a professional photographer and student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Rahul, was thrilled that he could try something that digital photography simply doesn’t have.

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