Excellent education and a great living experience

1 August 2022

My name is Abhishek Suni Kumar and I’m from Vadakara, which is a city located in the southern part of India, in a state called Kerala. 

When I was considering studying in the Czech Republic, there were many reasons why I chose the country. The Czech Republic has a long tradition of academic excellence, and its universities are consistently ranked amongst the best in Europe. Czech universities offer a wide range of programs and courses, and many of them have partnerships with leading international universities.


The Czech Republic is also an affordable place to study. Tuition fees are relatively low, and there are many scholarships and grants available for international students. The cost of living is also relatively low, and there are many opportunities to work and earn money while you study. The Czech Republic is a safe and welcoming country for international students. The people are friendly and helpful, and the country is stable and safe. There is a strong international community in the Czech Republic, and you will find many opportunities to meet people from all over the world. 

There are a few culture shocks that Asian students may experience when living in the Czech Republic. One is the fact that Czech people are generally very direct and may not sugar coat their words. You may think this is rude but is just the usual Czech way of communicating. Nothing bad is meant by it, and it will just take some time to get used to.


Another culture shock is that you may find it difficult to meet new people and make friends in the beginning. At first it seemed to me that Czech people tend to socialise in small groups. But no worries, people are friendly, and you will make new friends.


Eventually you will get used to the cultural differences and make wonderful memories with your friends like I do. At first, language was a barrier for me, but eventually I learned some basic words like “ahoj” for “hi”, “dobrý den” for “good day”, and “děkuji” for thank you.


I’m a travel freak and since the Czech Republic is in the heart of the EU, it felt like an ideal location for me to study in. In my vacation time I could travel around Europe, simply by bus or train. If you travel just one hour, you will end up in another European country. If you've visited the major cities or other tourist destinations, you may have already seen the most popular places to visit in Czech Republic. But the country has plenty more to offer. Whenever I have some free time, I use it for travelling to places which are already on my bucket list.


So less talking and more action! If you are looking for an excellent education and a great living experience, the Czech Republic is the perfect place to study. Come develop your professional career and enjoy what life in the Czech Republic has to offer!