Future is never set in stone

19 November 2021

I remember sitting with my ailing grandfather once and stealing little glances at him. I looked at his wrinkled skin that I am sure was once as smooth as mine and his whiting hair that was once black as mine.
I thought to myself; when I get to that stage; will I accomplish all I have planned for myself? Will have such glorious stories to tell my grandchildren or any other children in my life?

You see, growing up, my life was all planned out – I had by this age 'deadlines’ and now, I am by that age and passing my deadlines. It, in no way, means I am not a go getter nor does it mean that my stories for my grandkids will not be as interesting. It just means I have travelled so many different paths to get to my dreams.

Never in a million years, did I think I would live in Costa Rica and be fluent in Spanish nor successful in getting a scholarship to the Czech Republic or even be involved in the agriculture world - let alone applying to become a STUDY IN media ambassador.

The future I have imagined, did not contain all these experiences that I have lived. That makes it a 100 times more interesting.

Long story short; the future is never set in stone – it does not entail that just because you are at A, you will automatically go to B. Sometimes, you have to pass through T, R, Z then X and then go back to B. That’s my biggest life lesson that the future is bright. It might not be the bright you perceived, but, it is the bright that suits you.