Exceptional academic experience with friendly and knowledgeable professors

15 June 2021


I am Fabiola, and I am currently finishing the second year of a Master's Programme in International Development Studies at Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic.


I studied Economics back in my home country, El Salvador. During that time, I developed a strong desire to study abroad and experience everyday life in a different country. I searched for a Master's Programme that would approach socioeconomic reality from a multidisciplinary perspective. That is how I came across the GLODEP Master in International Development Studies, and I was luckily able to secure a scholarship to come study here in Europe.


GLODEP Programme takes place in three universities in different countries: The Czech Republic, France and Italy. From these countries, the Czech Republic indeed was the one I knew less about. Perhaps the very unawareness of all that this country had to offer made my first experience of living abroad all the more joyful and enjoyable. I spent the first semester of the Master's here in Olomouc. I had an exceptional academic experience with friendly and knowledgeable professors. Additionally, I profited both academically and personally from the experience of a diverse group of classmates: I share a classroom with 28 students from 24 different nationalities!


Gladly, we got to start this experience in a lively university city such as Olomouc. We quickly became friends and discovered the many benefits this city had to offer, where everything you need is within a convenient walking distance: café's, libraries, parks, bars and many university buildings spread throughout the city where you can easily find a spot to study or just somewhere to enjoy reading or a chat with friends. After moving together to France and then to Italy for the second and third semesters, I returned to the Czech Republic to write my Thesis on the last semester of the Master's.


I am currently enjoying reuniting with my classmates who are slowly returning to Olomouc for final examinations and graduation. Although studying during the pandemics has been challenging, it makes it all the more rewarding to acknowledge that the learning experience was successfully accomplished. Most probably, many of the lessons come precisely from the adversities faced.

After graduation, I will combine job searching and independently studying the topics I am most interested in. Of course, I will also search for more adventures across the Czech Republic, either discovering historical and cultural cities or going for trips to the country's many natural wonders!



Watch the Live Session with Fabiola and Miroslav Syrovátka, the GLODEP Consortium director and associate professor at Palacký University in Olomouc.