An exciting journey has started

15 September 2020

I'm about to start a new season in my life. Probably the most challenging and interesting one so far. Just the idea of university creates a contrast of emotions in everyone's head; well, now imagine to add: moving to a different country, learning a (very complicated) new language, and studying in that language; quite an experience.


I will be studying mechanical engineering at Západočeská Univerzita in Plzeň because I've always liked mathematics and design. But to be honest, music is my dream. Then, you may ask: "Why you are not studying something related to music?" And that is something that I've been thinking about for several years now.

Music as a job is a very complex thing, it is extremely demanding to be successful. I'm not willing to risk it. So this is my plan: having as my priority studying mechanical engineering BUT going in hand with that music passion. I will be taking online lessons for musical production and keep practising music in general so, once I finish studying here at the university, I could, now with more security, throw myself at the complicated world of music (with that plan b under my sleeve).

It is an exciting journey to start, even more, exciting is knowing that things tend to go very different to what we expect, but what would be the fun part about life if everything went perfect, right?