Amazing chance to study and taste flavours from Europe

29 September 2020

When I was 5 years old, I used to cook with my grandmother. She taught me all of the things. I felt privileged because I was the only one she taught. As a child, I said, “When I grow up I will cook like my grandmother” but, sincerely, I've never believed that it will be my job.


But in 2015 I started to study gastronomy and to make “homemade desserts” and sell them. A lot of people has chosen my sweets for their birthdays and celebrations. It's so amazing! That´s why I think my future is there.

Now I´m studying and learning more than cultures and gastronomy from countries because I meet with their compatriots (in the descendants association we have here) and they teach me a lot. I think it's a wonderful opportunity, to listen and learn from adults. When I received my scholarship to study in the Czech Republic, I was so happy. It's an amazing chance to study more about flavours from Europe!


For this reason, I would like to travel all around the world and cook there. As I always say, as much as people can remember their families, they can travel with the imagination to every place in the world just by tasting food.


I would like to know and learn more from all flavours, because one of my projects in the future has Coffee in it (I imagine it like a little coffee bar as like I was in Dobruska in 2017. It was little, so comfortable and warm like home, and the taste of desserts was like my grandmother’s sweets. My Coffee bar will be like that, and we will have international flavours too.


I would like to improve my Czech language at Charles University too and I want to learn one or two languages more, (I love Italian, Portuguese and French) but I'd like to learn the Italian and Arabic language first.