The idea of seeing the world has always interested me

29 September 2020

My professional musical journey started at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2018 when I began my music bachelors degree on the clarinet.  I was originally unsure about whether I should pursue music as a career because success in this field is rare. However, since joining Trinity, I have grown to love and respect this profession more and feel inspired to really make this dream become successful.


The idea of seeing the world has always interested me but I never had any intent to properly make this work with my career. I loved the idea of an Erasmus placement, applied, and was ecstatic to be accepted into The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. I chose to study at Prague because I hope one day to have the option of living in the Czech Republic because I love the culture; appreciate the vivacious, diverse, and popular music scene in the Czech Republic; and want to reconnect with my maternal Eastern European roots.


My Erasmus plans are to explore as much of the Czech Republic and Europe as I can in order to absorb the culture and the opportunities Europe has to offer. I’m ready to start creating beautiful memories!

My future goals are to complete my degree at Trinity, then hopefully be accepted onto an internship in the Czech Republic or to complete my masters degree there. I really believe that there is a future out there for me.