ALUMNI: Do not stop just because you are scared!

26 October 2022
Dinara Bekkozhayeva, an alumna of South Bohemian University in the Fishery field, has shared some of her 5-year experience studying and living in the Czech Republic. Dinara comes from Kazakhstan and has always found biodiversity laboratory work intriguing ever since she started her studies in Kazakhstan. Dinara is now living in the Czech Republic and working at her Czech alma mater.

Are you interested to know more about Dinara‘s journey? Read along!


What do you like the most about your job? I am a researcher, and I am never bored! My work consists of completely different tasks, and that makes them unique and interesting in their own way. For example, I have an idea and want to test it. I start with theory and plan-making. Then I study the research area and do my own experiment. The best part is the experiment itself. Results will depend on how successfully you will manage the experiment. Data processing and writing the paper is the last step which is also the result of your research. So, doing meaningful, creative work like that is the thing that I like the most about my job. Because my research definitely has some contribution to aquaculture.

What does your working day look like? Usually, in our institute, we start work at 7 am. I manage the mailbox first. Then, if there is no experiment, I work on data processing or paper writing because the top of my productivity is in the morning. I concentrate on my work easily. Once per week, we have English and Czech language classes at work, which is perfect for keeping learning and practising processes running. Those classes are after lunch. After a long day of sitting, I try to move and check the fish in the tank (feeding and cleaning). Usually, after lunch, we have a meeting with my supervisor, where we discuss the experiments and the following tasks.

What is your passion? My passion as a researcher is attending professional conferences in the field. The possibility of showing the results of my study to colleagues all over the world excites me. Sharing my ideas and knowledge, seeing what’s new and what was done in your research area, and receiving feedback from the audience.

Did you try to find a part-time job during your studies? If yes, what advice would you give to the students looking for a job in the Czech Republic? Last year my scholarship was cut, and I found a part-time job. My advice: CV in the Czech language and do not be afraid, you will manage it. And don’t forget to take time for yourself after all that studying and working! I did a lot of reading, running, cooking, and travelling.

Has studying in the Czech Republic put you in a better position for the Czech or global labour market? I am convinced that yes, my diploma is now a European union diploma, and I got a job after graduation at my university. I think it is worth a lot.

What was the most challenging and the easiest thing for you while studying at university? It is a bit funny, but the biostatistics class was the hardest for me. And the easiest part was the biostatistics exam! I guess because I paid attention and studied this subject so hard.  I appreciate my supervisor Petr for his extra lessons for me. He explained the things which I was not able to understand on my own.

What is your work dream? As a scientific worker, my dream is to have my own laboratory where I can work with professionals and people who are really into their work. Where we could have young, ambitious students who want to learn new methods. I wish I could contribute to the scientific world and give students the opportunity to grow, just as my supervisors, the institute, and the university in general, gave me 5 years ago.













In hindsight, it was your decision to study in the Czech Republic, right? Yes, I am completely satisfied with my decision. I would do it again. No doubt!

Would you recommend the Czech Republic as a place to live? Yes, I love this country. I stayed here and even started a family. I feel safe and comfortable here. Thanks to my colleagues at work, I feel at home. Warm and cozy. And thinking about Czech food… I absolutely love svíčková, guláš, smažený hermelín, knedlíky, česnečka, kulajda a bramboračka. I love Czech food and also enjoy Christmas time a lot. I would recommend it 10/10!

What would you tell yourself if you were a freshman? Do not worry; you will manage it. Do not stop just because you are scared. Being scared is okay (it protects you from new things, which could be painful), but do not stop! After a couple of steps, you will realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. It is an interesting journey. Never stop doing new things.