Make dreams a reality

2 November 2022

Angeles came to the Czech Republic to attend a preparatory course of Czech language at Charles University in Prague. She comes from Mexico!


I am Angeles and I am 19 years old. There are many things that I can tell you about me, but I will start by telling you about my dreams, which are a part of me. Dreams that today are my day to day because I accomplished the most groundbreaking one: To study and live in the Czech Republic.

Ever since I went to High School, I have liked reading as reading has taken me to discover amazing places around the world. It has taken me to meet cultures much more different than my own and has opened my horizons to places that I didn't think existed until a book showed them to me. It is where I discovered that words are magical and entire bridges are created by connecting separate words. It was, in a book, where a special place caught my eye: Prague. In my country, it is a bit difficult to learn the Czech language, but ever since I have heard it, I was surprised by such an exotic language!

So every day, since I was 14 years old, for 5 years, I dreamed about the Czech Republic, in discovering it, its culture and its people, its history and walking on it. In meeting her. I have even more goals, like becoming a pilot, and I have already taken the first step to becoming one: to make it here. I love everything that I do, I love to learn and I love to live. I am love. And I love to share.

I know that there are many people who are equally curious and have doubts about how it is, how can someone make it here, just as I had. That's exactly why I am encouraged to write this email. I want to share. And to make dreams a reality.