Prague’s Best Study Cafes

Dana Alsaialy
Dana Alsaialy
12 December 2022

I fell in love with studying in cafes during my semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea. A change in scenery & caffeine became essentials to a productive study session. Scavenging the internet, I found myself in a predicament: While some guides provided nice coffee spots, none were study-worthy. So, I dedicated this winter semester to cafe-hunting & managed to compile a list of the 10 BEST study cafes in Prague!

What constitutes the “BEST” tile? My criteria are the following: Location (proximity to centres & transportation), atmosphere, study-friendless (many chargers, soft music, not too crowded), &, of course, coffee affordability & taste. Based on these measures, I compiled my top pick & will run you down from “worst” to “best” (all are definitely worth a visit, though!). And so you don’t need to do much research. I included their location with the closest transportation and their closing time!

10. Loft Cake Karlin — This gem is in a beautifully renovated area of Prague! Its personable vibe gives it a cosy feel. They serve great cappuccinos & a must-try vegan brownie. I’d say this cafe is more for a quicker than a lengthy study session.

  • Prague 8 — Urxova by tram, Krizikova by metro, Closes 8 PM (6 PM on Saturday)

9. Cacao Prague — Convenient location & high ceilings, this cafe doubles as a diner (I recommend their roast beef bagel). While I have not studied there, I see people whizzing away at their laptops. It is a spot I keep coming back to for sure.

  • Prague 1 — Jindrisska by tram, Namesti Republiky by metro, Closes 10:30 PM (11 PM on Friday & Saturday)

8. FofrKafe - Soukenda — Unlike its name (“Fofr” means “rush” in Czech), this cafe has a very calm, youthful, & studious atmosphere. There are many great seating spots (even rocking hammocks and trim corners), yet they maintain a comfortable feel. Compared to the previous two, this one also has more charging spots!

  • Prague 1 — Urxova by tram, Krizikova by metro, Closes 8 PM (closed on Sundays)

7. CAMP - Centrum architektury a mestskeho planovani — I stumbled across this cafe because of its intriguing grand entrance. With futuristic architecture & innovative interior design, it is a great place to wake up & get some work done. However, the prices & coffee are not the best — you win some, you lose some.

  • Prague 1 — Karlovo Namesti by tram or metro, Closes 9 PM (closed on Mondays)

6. Oscar’s Bar — Overlooking the street lies a calming & retro bar. With a convenient low-key location, different seating styles, & chargers everywhere, this cafe (which doubles as a restaurant) is perfect for a study session of all lengths. The coffee is also delicious & affordable!

  • Prague 5 — Andel, Closes 10 PM (4 PM on weekends)

5. Cafedu — You have probably heard of this; it’s a staple for Prague students. With a gorgeous view of Wenceslas Square & fun/hippie aesthetic, this cafe is perfect for studying (IF you manage to snag a spot). My top recommendation would be to reserve in advance or become a member & gain access to their private library.

  • Prague 2  — Muzeum by tram & metro, Closes 10 PM (9 PM on weekends)

4. Kavarna co hleda jmeno — An old favorite of mine. Hidden away in Andel lies this magical little cafe with the friendliest staff & rustic look. There are excellent study spaces outdoors & indoors, with a vast menu for meals & beverages. However, it does get quite crowded.

  • Prague 5 — Andel, Closes 8 PM

3. Version Coffee — I must admit, I’ve been here only once, but it was memorable. The interior is clean and minimalist, yet colourful, & their coffee is a speciality. Although chargers can only be found beside walls, it has an academic & youthful atmosphere that will get you coming right back.

  • Prague 2 — I.P. Pavlova by tram, Closes 8 PM (7 PM on weekends)

2. CHOCO LOVES COFFEE — Small, quiet, & authentic cafe in the middle of one of Prague’s most hectic spots. It was a great find! They serve delicious coffee with unique flavours (which they sell in bags), & chargers spaced around. While this one does not have much “wow” factor, it has become a go-to of mine.

  • Prague 2 — I.P. Pavlova by tram, Closes  7 PM (6 PM on Saturday, closed on Sunday)

1. Cafe Mosaic — Deserved a drumroll. If you scrolled all the way here, I do not blame you. I just urge you to run to this cafe if you haven’t been there already. The reason I decided to write this article, & giving up my urge to gate-keep, was about this cafe. A combination of stunning dark academia interior design with gorgeous mosaic detailing & moving lights, to multiple studies spots downstairs & upstairs (all with chargers, lights, pens, wifi passwords, etc.), to the sweetest staff, & the most affordable & delicious coffee’s (& snacks). Cafe Mosaic is truly the epitome of a perfect cafe & spot to show everyone you know. Do not be intimidated by the entrance, though (as it is pretty fancy) — I almost did not come in because of it! BTW, I recommend the black chai latte with pumps of espresso… thank me later.

  • Prague 1 — Karlovo Namesti by tram or metro, Closes 11:30

Before finishing up, I would like to shout out to some chains, Starbucks & Costa Coffee. While I study in multiple spots, such as in Karlovo Namesti & OC Novy Smichov, these are my favourites. The best Starbucks location is the Prague Castle one; I mean, the view is incredible, it has become a tourist spot (especially for Koreans), & it has friendly vibes. Regarding Costa Coffee, the one in Vaclavske Namesti, right beside the tram tracks, is a hidden winner. It is organized differently & just feels quite cosy! Finally, here are two honourable mentions! I plan to visit these cafes because they look cool & have study potential. Mazelab & VNITROBLOCK seem really modern, calming, & studious. For the majority, these two would be quite far, but go ahead & check them out (I certainly will).

That’s it! Those are my favourite study cafe spots in Prague. Feel free to interact with this article with your experience in any of the mentioned cafes or your recommendations (there is much more to explore). Finally, if you see me typing away at one of these (most likely Cafe Mosaic), do not hesitate to disturb me & say STUDY IN sent you here. I wish you the best of luck with the semester!