How to survive winter for beginners

Paulina Alcalá
Paulina Alcalá
12 December 2022

Starting with the fact that I never saw snow before coming to Czechia, you can assume I come from a warm country. Therefore, I was not mentally nor physically prepared for my first winter here, and it is not surprising that I was sick for almost the whole season. I share the most essential three pieces of advice because it took me two or three winters to get used to these temperatures and start enjoying the snow.


This is how my winters used to be, visiting my sister in Cancun. Sun tanning, no hoodie, no coat, no jacket.


I don’t want to sound like your mom but EAT HEALTHY! Taking the time to cook at home is a nice indoor activity to do on your own or with your friends, and also going out and discovering new restaurants will be healthy for your body and mind. I see pictures of myself from the first year I started living alone here when I was eating only fast food, and I used to look so unhealthy. I have built a good relationship with food, eating healthy (and unhealthy sometimes, I won’t lie) and enjoying food.


Some lakes get frozen during winter, and you can walk or ice skate in them.


After spending the summer laying under the sun and swimming on the lake, I know that the bed seems to be the best place to stay the whole winter season, but it is scientifically proven that humans don’t need to hibernate. Go out and move! Alone or with a friend, find a healthy outdoor or indoor hobby, visit museums, and galleries, borrow a good book from the university library, and enrol in some course or sports activity. Why? Because the walls of your bedroom will become boring and sad after some time. 


This winter, my goal is to wake up as early as possible, open the curtains, and do all the activities I have to do outside in the morning before it gets dark. That way, I take some vitamin D from the sun. Once it’s dark, I go back home and do the rest of my tasks: study, clean my room, or call my family. That way, I am more energetic, productive, and less cranky (your friends will be thankful for this). 


My last mom tip: prepare yourself even before the cold season comes. If you read this during summer or fall, start now. Your immunity and mood are not something built in one day.