Why I decided to study in the Czech Republic

Jo Anne Baladad
Jo Anne Baladad
21 December 2022

Almost a year ago, I made a huge decision that would change my life, and it all started with attending the European Higher Education Fair in the Philippines. At that time, it had been four years since I graduated with my Bachelor's degree, and I had already been working too. However, I believe in being a constant learner, and one of my career development goals is to obtain a Master's degree. I have always wanted to study for my Master's degree abroad, but I was undecided on when and where to take it. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I saw an opportunity to learn more about education and universities in Europe through an online education fair in my country, which focused on higher studies in Europe. This opportunity ultimately led me to study where I am today — Czechia. Although the education fair presented many enticing European countries for international students to learn, I ultimately chose Czechia for a variety of reasons, precisely the following: The availability of the degree program I want to study in university, a chance to learn in English, diverse international student background, relatively safe environment, and the rich history and culture of Czechia among many others.

Czech universities offer programs where the curriculum is entirely taught in English. Offering English as a medium for teaching is not only friendly and enticing for international students but is also a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized world. Czech universities have high placements in the QS world rankings, which proves it. Another factor that appealed to me is the emphasis on student-friendly environments where tuition fees and cost of living are affordable compared to other European countries. One can quickly get around using public transportation, and there are dormitories which are cost-effective for living. Some universities also give students accommodation grants; you can be eligible if you have permanent residence outside of the university city. 

Brno, which is the city where my university is located, is also a student-friendly city. There is a diverse background of international students, and there are many sports and social activities opportunities. A low crime rate makes it ideal and peaceful for students to live in. Lastly, the rich culture and history of the country are also factors in my decision. Czechia is where the east meets the west. It is home to several UNESCO world heritage sites, majestic architecture, great food and beer, and lovely natural landscapes.

Now that I am here in Czechia studying for my Master's Degree, I can agree that everything I researched is true. Studying here has even exceeded my expectations. Many international students in my university and my program are from different countries. These students are from other countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa and having such a diverse student body did not make me feel left out or different. Brno is where I feel right at home.